Monthly Archives: January 2012

How to make the end of a day’s temping awkward

Conversation at the end of the day…

Guy – so what would you say if I asked you out for a drink next week?

Me – uuummm… *shiiit*

Guy – you can say no if you want…

Me – it’s going to be a no…


Me – mainly cos I’m not really into guys.

Guy – oh ok, I thought you were!

Me – *urrrr no!* ok then, see you… Byeeee!
ARE YOU SERIOUS? Topics covered today include how I wrote my MA dissertation on Queer French cinema, how I don’t meet many younger people (not guys) for me to go out with in my village, how I’m reading a gay book by Alan Hollinghurst, how the most recent films I watched include Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Jarman’s Blue. I’m also wearing a WAD ribbon and a rainbow bracelet.

How can’t he tell that he’s “not really my type?!” Do I have to write “gay” on my forehead? Way to make it awkward dude. Grr.