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A Discussion of Urban Outfitters and the Sweet Lady Kiss

Ordinarily, photos of sweet lady kisses would send me into paroxysms of  joy, and straight to Twitter to express this, however, this particular one has set me to thinking. For Urban Outfitters does not have a sterling record when it comes to supporting gay rights; a t-shirt stating ‘I Support Same-Sex Marriage’ was pulled from their shelves in the US in late-2008, and its CEO, Richard Hayne has donated thousands of dollars to anti-gay Republican politicians, namely the charmingly homophobic Rick Santorum. Moreover, the company has faced accusations of racial stereotyping, copyright violation and plagiarism. This shady background is at odds with the young, alternative, independent, seemingly liberal clientèle and staff of the company, yet they continue to shop and work there, in spite of the fact that Urban Outfitters sell an image of themselves which is completely at odds with the reality.

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