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Problematics of the Gay Female Gaze

This discussion was set in motion by the arrival of this copy of Esquire on my doormat.

My initial response, like any good lady gay, was FNARGH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, but this soon developed into a deeper consideration of how a photo of a naked woman on the front cover of a men’s magazine may be problematic.

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A Discussion of Urban Outfitters and the Sweet Lady Kiss

Ordinarily, photos of sweet lady kisses would send me into paroxysms of  joy, and straight to Twitter to express this, however, this particular one has set me to thinking. For Urban Outfitters does not have a sterling record when it comes to supporting gay rights; a t-shirt stating ‘I Support Same-Sex Marriage’ was pulled from their shelves in the US in late-2008, and its CEO, Richard Hayne has donated thousands of dollars to anti-gay Republican politicians, namely the charmingly homophobic Rick Santorum. Moreover, the company has faced accusations of racial stereotyping, copyright violation and plagiarism. This shady background is at odds with the young, alternative, independent, seemingly liberal clientèle and staff of the company, yet they continue to shop and work there, in spite of the fact that Urban Outfitters sell an image of themselves which is completely at odds with the reality.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters (and anyone who isn’t defined by this gender binary) in humanity

I wrote this in response to an open letter by two Catholic Archbishops, which was intended to be read out to all Catholic parishioners yesterday, urging them to refuse the Coalition Government’s plans for marriage equality.


Dear Brothers and Sisters (and anyone who isn’t defined by this gender binary) in humanity,

This week the Coalition Government is expected to present its consultation paper in the proposed change in the legal definition of marriage so as to open the institution of marriage to same gender partnerships.

Today I want to put before you the fair and balanced vision of marriage and the light it casts on the importance of marriage for our society.

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How to make the end of a day’s temping awkward

Conversation at the end of the day…

Guy – so what would you say if I asked you out for a drink next week?

Me – uuummm… *shiiit*

Guy – you can say no if you want…

Me – it’s going to be a no…


Me – mainly cos I’m not really into guys.

Guy – oh ok, I thought you were!

Me – *urrrr no!* ok then, see you… Byeeee!
ARE YOU SERIOUS? Topics covered today include how I wrote my MA dissertation on Queer French cinema, how I don’t meet many younger people (not guys) for me to go out with in my village, how I’m reading a gay book by Alan Hollinghurst, how the most recent films I watched include Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Jarman’s Blue. I’m also wearing a WAD ribbon and a rainbow bracelet.

How can’t he tell that he’s “not really my type?!” Do I have to write “gay” on my forehead? Way to make it awkward dude. Grr.

Alan Turing – Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker

Just watching a documentary about Alan Turing – ironic that, his work at Bletchley Park on the Enigma code having provided the Allies with perhaps the most important breakthrough in combatting the Nazi forces, we drove him to kill himself due to one of the very few ideologies that we shared with them. Profoundly distressing and troubling. The only thing holding us back is our prejudices.

In Defense of Stephen Fry

During this weekend, one couldn’t help but notice the furore over Stephen Fry’s reported comments in this month’s Attitude magazine interview. In it, he pondered the marked difference between the male and female approaches towards sex, and in particular how each sex uses sex to achieve their personal goals within a given relationship; ‘I feel sorry for straight men. The only reason women will have sex with them is that sex is the price they are willing to pay for a relationship with a man, which is what they want. They want a boyfriend and then they want commitment’.

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On Katy Perry

So this song, ‘Ur so gay’ irritates the crap out of me. Not only because I REALLY HATE TEXT SPEAK when there’s no necessary limit on characters, but also because of the pejorative, homophobically-signified use of the word ‘gay’. So when I see the Idiotic Boobs doing stuff like this, it really fucking gets on my wick.
What’s cool about saying “Is that Shane Lopes? Holy shizza. You were the most popular kid in my class! But you never wanted to date me, it was always Amanda Wayne. Oh yeah, you really chose right honey. What’s up? What’s up now, playa? I’m going to dedicate this next one to Shane Lopes everyone. It’s called ‘Ur So Gay.’”?

And Another Thing…

Why is no one talking about the whole Andy Coulson/News of the World/ New York Times phone scandal thing? Have you not noticed or is fake gay “scandal” (ARGH! Someone said I put my penis near another man… Please, let me immolate myself!), and naughty cricketers (interestingly exposed by the News of the World…) more important for the nation? It’s probably not a coinkydink that he’s now Media Adviser to David Cameron i.e. the person in charge of manipulating the media to make the PM seem like the good guy… Not really surprising then that the majority of newspapers haven’t written about it then. Only the Guardian seems to have said anything…

So what if you’re not gay? Why do you have to bring in the children?


So… this William Hague thing… What the..?

OK, so he didn’t employ Chris Myers only because they are apparent lovers, and that’s a good thing. He saved the party money by sharing a room with his adviser; that’s also a good thing (although a bit weird, seeing as he’s only meant to have two of them. It equally therefore could be said that he would have saved more money by sticking to the rules… But that’s a whole other kettle of fish). He hasn’t cheated on his wife, and that’s definitely a good thing.

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